Never let your dreams be out of focus
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The smart focus system for professional film makers


In professional film making, 20% of filmed material goes to waste due to loss of focus. Moon Smart Focus will help you increase focus precision and prevent mistakes. Fewer retakes means less frustration, lower costs and more time for creative storytelling


Sharp eyes

The Moon Smart Focus adjusts your focus to get the actors sharp. It uses AI to track actors, and measure the distance to their eyes in real time.

The lens is controlled with a motor.

It is up to you to just select an actor, or to control focus yourself with your remote.


Superhuman focus skills

Moon Smart Focus will enable you to use a shallower depth of field.

With the advancement of higher resolution and lighter cameras, the task of focus pulling often becomes overwhelming, resulting in creative compromises or costly mistakes. Moon Smart Focus will give you the superhuman focus skills you need.



Relax. Moon Smart Focus will assist you as actors improvise, or when the camera does not move according to plan.

With the focus on autopilot, Moon Smart Focus has unexpected movements covered, letting you prepare for the next focus rack.

Moon Smart Focus will even track bodies turned away from the camera.


Words from our advisors

Andreas Wassberg .jpg

“Moon will revolutionize focus pulling. Im sure of it” - Andreas Wessberg

Andreas Wessberg, Director of Photography

"Focus should never fail really, yet still, there are plenty of retakes. Especially during quick focus pulls in dialogue, or during long movements. These difficult jobs can drive you nuts, and this system handles such jobs in a great way!"

Andreas is a Swedish cinematographer known for Vår tid är nu (2017-18), Videomannen (2018), De Drabbade (2003) and so much more. More references at IMDB

harald hamrell 2.jpg

“Wow. This looks great!!!” - Harald Hamrell

Harald Hamrell, Director

“This is a great idea, and the footage look great too. You are off to a really good start and I look forward to follow the progress with Moon Smart Focus.”

Harald Hamrell is a Swedish director and actor, known for directing Vår Tid är nu (2017-18) Vinterviken (1996), En häxa i familjen (2000) and Beck (1997-2009) and so much more. References: IMDB


This can save a lot of time and resources - Pelle Mellqvist

Pelle Mellqvist, First AC

"Now, for specific productions with challenging focus racking, this is a great way to save time and resources!"

Pelle is a Swedish producer and cameraman known from Morden i Sandhamn (2010) Innan Vi dör (2017) and a long list of productions. See more at IMDB


“To free up time for the creative process is invaluable”-

Arvid Jernqvist

Arvid Jernqvist, First AC

"Tools that gives more time for aesthetic options are priceless for me, as well as the photographers of the production"

Arvid is First AC known from En man som heter Ove (2015), Springfloden (2016-18), See more of his work IMDB


It works incredible well for these scenes. This is very promising for the future. - Andreas Fred


Andreas Fred, First AC, Cinematographer

“The first time i filmed with the Moon Smart Focus prototype, it nailed focus on autopilot of 96% of the scenes, without prep and measurements, and I could easily monitor and take control of the remaining 4% - resulting in zero retakes. For scenes like this, it would be hard to achieve 70% accuracy with manual focus pulling. This worked incredibly well, it is very promising for the future.”

Andreas pulled focus on the first short film made with Moon Smart Focus - Tromb. See his references at IMDB and