Never let your dreams be out of focus

About us

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We believe storytelling can change the world to a better place. Our vision is to bring you superpowers for storytelling, by building smarter tools for film making.

With Moon Smart Focus, you can

  • Lower the costs related to using a shallow depth of field.

  • Increase productivity: Reduce number of retakes, reduce planning and preparation time, working with lighter equipment, reduce waste in form of staff logistics and equipment needed for advanced focus pulling in a manual way.

  • Improve storytelling: Making it easier to use focus as a tool for high quality visual storytelling. You are free to use this superpower to take your visual language to a new level with more advanced focus pulling.

Simplicity, functionality and design are our guiding principles. In this way we can contribute to a better, more efficient and less costly way of producing films.

At its core, we are a software company working with selected partners to manufacture hardware of proven quality.

Never let your dreams get out of focus.

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The Founder

Miko Lazic has worked as a photographer and director for more than 20 years. He has studied at the Dramatic Institute and at Stockholm Film School and has made several feature films, short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos.

It is through his own experience and dialogue with industry colleagues that he has gained insight into the technical aspects of the film industry. From that insight a strong vision emerged to create smarter tools for better storytelling.

Miko Lazic founded Moonlighting Industries in 2014 to develop Moon Smart Focus®. He has since then had a close cooperation with the incubator company Inkubera AB in Örebro, where the journey with Moon Smart Focus® began and where his new company also has its headquarters today.

Interview with Miko Lazic, August 2018


Focus Superpowers

Film makers want to tell stories. Free from distractions to the creative process. But humans make mistakes, and sometimes we lose focus.

Moon Smart Focus brings you focus superpowers… so you can tell the story.


Our partners and supporters



The Swedish Incubator Inkubera has supported this startup from the very first day. With the right guidance, coaching and step by step approach, Inkubera has been there to support all along the way from startup to established company.


Almi offers loans to companies with growth potential and assists in their business development. This applies to businesses in the start-up phase as well as established companies. Almi of Örebro has supported us with loan financing, “Stora Innovationslånet”.


Almi Invest is Sweden's most active investor in startups. Almi Invest manages about SEK 3 billion and has invested in almost 600 startups since its inception.  Almi Invest is currently supporting Moonlighting Industries with a pre investment.


The AI algorithms of the Moon Smart Focus are powered by the powerful GPUs of Nvidia. Selected as a company with potential to revolutionize its industry, we were in October 2018 invited to the NVIDIA INCEPTION PROGRAM, propelling AI startups with powerful GPU tools, tech, and deep learning expertise. This gives our team access to leading experts, and cutting edge technology.

Örebro University is specialized in AI and have provided Moonlighting Industries with competence, research and lab access for prototyping. Örebro University Holding is a seed investor in our company.

Örebro University

Region Örebro has provided Moonlighting Industries with valuable innovation support and soft funding for IP.

Region Örebro